Outdoor Tv Reviews

Doris Devosjoli | 02/26/15

There are no waterproof televisions, only water resistant televisions that can be used outside.

Amy Klevan | 02/25/15

We offer the only Price Guarantee in the Outdoor TV Industry.

Aaron Hess | 02/24/15

If you own an business and need outdoor signage, you can use our LCD HD TVs for your outdoor signs.

Gretchen Wilson | 02/24/15

Our water resistant tvs can widthstand all types of weather. Theme parks use our HD TVs outside to give directions to visitors.

Darcy Goddard | 02/23/15

You don't need to wait until dark to watch tv outside.

Deborah Johnson | 02/21/15

If you go to NASCAR races and you like to tailgate there, take one of our televisions with you.

Elizabeth Sufit | 02/21/15

And you can watch them when the sun is brite too.

Bryan Ehrman | 02/21/15

Our outdoor tvs stand up to rain, dust, bugs and extreme temperatures no matter where you live.

David Hinsley | 02/20/15

You've probably seen some of our outdoor televisions at theme parks but didn't know they were ours. LED BackLight Technology is the latest breakthrough in LCD Flat Panel HDTV.

Annette Temple | 02/18/15

We have full motion digital displays that can be used indoors or permanently mounted outside for the best exposure.

Damon Hickey | 02/16/15

You can use an outdoor tv mount to place your tv where everyone can see it.

Gail Behringer | 02/16/15

You can mount an all weather outdoor tv on your deck, on your boat or anywhere outside.

Antoinette Gordon | 02/15/15

We also offer the only Price Guarantee in the Outdoor TV Industry. Amusement parks buy outdoor televisions to put up for viewing by their customers.

Ida Apellanizthomas | 02/15/15

Global Outdoor Concepts has the best price on outdoor televisions and will be any competitor's price in both price and quality. It will be great to have movie night in your own backyard.

Deborah Hillwig | 02/14/15

All the kids will want to come to your house to play if they can watch television outside instead of inside.

Bill Effle | 02/14/15

You have several sizes to choose from when it comes to outdoor weather proof televisions.

Ileen Estevez | 02/13/15

Don't let another summer go by without putting an HD TV on your patio. You can put an outdoor flat screen in your pool cabana or gazebo.

Deborah Cicchetti | 02/13/15

You can watch your favorite sports on waterproof tvs outside in your backyard.

Amy Lieberman | 02/13/15

You can use an outdoor plasma to run ads for your business.

David Hendry | 02/13/15

If you own a bar and have an outdoor patio, check out the biggest outdoor televisions for your patrons.

Elizabeth Karoll | 02/12/15

You can mount an outdoor LCD HD TV on the deck near your swimming pool so you can watch tv and swim at the same time.

Ed Croft | 02/12/15

You can send the kids outside to watch cartoons all year long.

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outdoor tv reviews