Outdoor Tv Reviews

Alex Whitehead | 11/23/14

If it rains on your outdoor television, don't worry. We have been successfully assembling and distributing our MirageVision brand of Outdoor LCD TVís for more than 5 years.

Elizabeth Galle | 11/22/14

Select models of our televisions are equipped with the latest ambient light technology that automatically adjusts the picture brightness to match outdoor lighting conditions.

Gwen Neal | 11/20/14

In a bad economy, you can save money by watching movies in your backyard instead of having to take the family out to the movies.

Darlene Burton | 11/19/14

Theme parks use our HD TVs outside to give directions to visitors.

Amy Fleckenstein | 11/17/14

When it comes to the best outdoor tv, check out Global Outdoor Concepts outdoor LED HD TVs.

Alexander Schabel | 11/17/14

You will be the envy of your neighborhood when you have a tv in your backyard for the kids to watch.

A Haines | 11/17/14

Global Outdoor Concepts has the best price on outdoor televisions and will be any competitor's price in both price and quality.

Gretchen Wilson | 11/17/14

You can mount an outdoor LCD HD TV on the deck near your swimming pool so you can watch tv and swim at the same time.

Deborah Steele | 11/16/14

Our outdoor tvs stand up to rain, dust, bugs and extreme temperatures no matter where you live.

Beth Phillippi | 11/15/14

If you own a bar and have an outdoor patio, check out the biggest outdoor televisions for your patrons. The bigger the flat screen you get, the more enjoyment you will get watching it.

Ed Mcdermott | 11/14/14

Our water resistant tvs can widthstand all types of weather.

Al Jones | 11/14/14

You can watch your favorite sports on waterproof tvs outside in your backyard. YOu can get a batter pack for an outdoor LCD and take it with you to picnics.

Greg Leininger | 11/13/14

If you own a restaurant, you can put one of our television sets on your outdoor patio. Technology has improved and so has the picture you can get from an outdoor television.

Holly Freeman | 11/11/14

We use top-of-the-line, consumer-rated and tested, name-brand LCD TVs, such as Vizio, Sharp, and Panasonic.

Carol Gradin | 11/09/14

LED BackLight Technology is the latest breakthrough in LCD Flat Panel HDTV.

Debby Dummer | 11/09/14

We custom alter existing top branded TV's to function outdoors by altering the cabinet and interior components to withstand the harsh outdoor environment. Amusement parks buy outdoor televisions to put up for viewing by their customers.

Blake Edwards | 11/07/14

You can use an outdoor LCD HD TV for outdoor signage at a football, baseball or soccer game. You can use an outdoor plasma to run ads for your business.

Aaron Hess | 11/07/14

You can throw a bachelor party at your favorite bar that has a tv on their patio and everyone will love it.

Carol Dixon | 11/05/14

You've probably seen some of our outdoor televisions at theme parks but didn't know they were ours.

Darlene Larson | 11/03/14

And you can watch them when the sun is brite too. All the kids will want to come to your house to play if they can watch television outside instead of inside.

Amber Haney | 11/02/14

There are no waterproof televisions, only water resistant televisions that can be used outside. You have several sizes to choose from when it comes to outdoor weather proof televisions.

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