Outdoor Tv Reviews

Amy Modaff | 03/27/15

There are no waterproof televisions, only water resistant televisions that can be used outside.

Charlie Kitz | 03/27/15

You can mount an all weather outdoor tv on your deck, on your boat or anywhere outside.

James Fitzgerald | 03/26/15

And you can watch them when the sun is brite too.

Diana Douglass | 03/26/15

If you go to NASCAR races and you like to tailgate there, take one of our televisions with you.

Aspen Eldredge | 03/25/15

You can watch your favorite sports on waterproof tvs outside in your backyard.

Genie Goodhart | 03/23/15

You can have a baby shower in your backyard and watch movies from your childhood on an outdoor tv.

David Halbert | 03/21/15

When it comes to the best outdoor tv, check out Global Outdoor Concepts outdoor LED HD TVs.

Bernice Krambeck | 03/19/15

We custom alter existing top branded TV's to function outdoors by altering the cabinet and interior components to withstand the harsh outdoor environment.

Beth Behrens | 03/18/15

Wall mounting brackets that you would use inside are probably fine to use for your outdoor viewing. You don't need to wait until dark to watch tv outside.

Elizabeth Cheung | 03/17/15

If you own a bar and have an outdoor patio, check out the biggest outdoor televisions for your patrons. You can send the kids outside to watch cartoons all year long.

Adele Goldsberry | 03/15/15

Flat screen tvs can now be enjoyed on your boat as well as on your patio.

Elizabeth Oyster | 03/15/15

We have been successfully assembling and distributing our MirageVision brand of Outdoor LCD TVís for more than 5 years. You'll want to put your tv in a shady area for the best picture, but even when the sun shines you'll see it just fine.

Diane Frisch | 03/13/15

We also offer the only Price Guarantee in the Outdoor TV Industry. If it rains on your outdoor television, don't worry.

Byrne Family | 03/11/15

We offer the only Price Guarantee in the Outdoor TV Industry.

Emily Glasser | 03/11/15

You have several sizes to choose from when it comes to outdoor weather proof televisions.

Garie Frett | 03/10/15

The outdoor TV market is a very niche type industry, with no competitors who even come close the the quality we offer.

Camille Forbes | 03/10/15

You can mount an outdoor LCD HD TV on the deck near your swimming pool so you can watch tv and swim at the same time. YOu can get a batter pack for an outdoor LCD and take it with you to picnics.

Gayle Ecabert | 03/10/15

We use top-of-the-line, consumer-rated and tested, name-brand LCD TVs, such as Vizio, Sharp, and Panasonic.

Erica Ermatinger | 03/09/15

The bigger the flat screen you get, the more enjoyment you will get watching it.

Anita Gurney | 03/08/15

You can have the kids in the pool and watch them and your favoriting sporting events outside.

Chris Dahle | 03/07/15

Our outdoor tvs stand up to rain, dust, bugs and extreme temperatures no matter where you live.

Ann Legasa | 03/05/15

Technology has improved and so has the picture you can get from an outdoor television.

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